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Top 7 Logo Designs Trends 2017

Top 7 Logo Designs Trends 2017

February 20, 2017

It’s 2017 and the year is witnessing a whole new logo design developments as there could be a clean set of requirements by the purchaser, new trends for designers together with extraordinary requirement for new and upcoming initiatives.

Your logo is a visual cornerstone of an organization’s brand. Your company’s identity is visually expressed thru its brand, which, alongside your agency’s call’, is one of the primary things that makes your enterprise memorable.
Having a very good logo is extremely important on your business and to the branding of your corporation’s call, but it is also critical to help attract new customers. While people see an eye catching logo on advertisements or promotional products, it’s going to stand out. Plus, generally human beings will take into account seeing a groovy brand for a enterprise that gives what they need, which is even higher due to the fact you’ll probably be the only they touch first

Alternatively the motive in the back of each new design, emblem trend and commercial enterprise is to interact the consumer though an increasing no. of virtual channels. The frequency of engagement is to growth at a fast price, the agencies will move more personal and the dressmaker wishes to be more progressive, extra creative and extra inclusive.

So here is Top 7 2017 Logo Design Trends

1. Minimalism

The minimalist designs is both practical and purpose-driven. Logo will define your business with logo’s designing.
when people will see your logo. They will have idea that what you do and what is your business about.

2. Free Hand

This is very popular method in 2016. Now this trend is keeping is continuity to gain even more ground in 2017.
Hand Drawn Logos emanate warmth, credibility and charisma these three attributes are difficult to capture using computer design.

3. Negative Space Designs

This style is around dual-imagery. where positive and negative space working together to getting the final attention of the client.Think the NBC logo, where the negative space is used to create the iconic peacock image.

4. Line Designs

This Trend is very famous in the year 2015. This is likely to still be on top in 2017.
in this portion we will use thickness of lines to make designs with one solid color.

5. Vintage

Some people have strong connection with their past. they would like to design Retro and Vintage type logo designs. these designs are basically in round and badge shaped.

6. Simplification Form

Some Customers are neat and sloppy. we love both. Simplicity and cleanliness is the best way to represent your brand in high scale.

7. Moving Part Logos

Today is digital world. in this world people will like to choose promote their business online via social media and websites. So, this is the one of our top list’s 2017 logo trends.