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How many types of websites ? Which one for you

March 2, 2017
1. Personal web sites

Personal websites are so popular in now days. Almost every celebrity has his/her personal blog or website through they can interact with their fans and other people. It works as a multiple box means you can control you brand or it can be instant portfolio manager. Personal website is more engaging tool with audience as they can post their feelings or views on your site and you can give reply to them. Here at Gillzart we create unique and modern websites who is directly associated and targeted to your audience.

2. Informational web sites

If you have facts to percentage or sell, an informational internet site might fill the bill. Suppose you have a landscaping enterprise. You may create a website that lists plant life with their definitions and planting and being concerned instructions. This would be beneficial to human beings, and you’ll use it to guide humans for your nursery. Of direction you may “hybrid” this web site via including an e-commerce characteristic, a discussion board, or even photo sharing. You can share your unique information, directories, photos and articles by creating an informational websites. Informational sites can include articles, essays, photos & videos.

3. News and Magazine Websites

Internet has power to make a clean set up for information and magazine sites. You could use classes and tags to make it simpler for readers to locate content. Lot of options are available to publish news and articles in different ways. You can post latest news with videos and photos from very user friendly admin panel and control all the things in attractive themes. We provide user friendly environment where scheduling, posting, updating and editing everything becomes a baby task.

4. Business Websites

Every business needs a quality promotion and feedback support to build unique appearance in market. Inside the days before the internet, we used the print, radio, and tv media to spread the phrase about our organizations. Now we can forge a big net, accomplishing literally millions of human beings all over the arena with just one internet site. Along with your online brochure or catalogue, you may display anybody who appears for and unearths your internet site, images and descriptions of your products or services. This could boost up your business and products upto another level of success and popularity.

5. E-Commerce Websites

Gillzart has several awesome features and topics that contain eCommerce functions. These plugins and themes will assist you to take delivery of payments thru your internet site, add a purchasing cart, and manipulate your inventory.
There are hundreds of thousands of small groups who use their e-trade websites to promote their products over the net. You don’t need to buy a land space for good showroom you just need to promote your products at your website with their photographs and price tags. You can also provide great and attractive deals at different occasions to boost up your sales.

6. Job Board websites

Create a network job board with the usage of our services. By using the usage of a forum, you could effortlessly arrange task classes and create a space for humans to submit or find jobs. These types of platforms consist of options for accepting subscribers and extra plugins will let you customise the website to satisfy your wishes.

7. Matrimonial Websites or Portfolio Websites

In the busy times, we people are not enough free to find out our better half with perfect matching. Its quite common today to find your partner through online portals of matrimonial websites. You just need to put your description in your profile and tell about what qualities you are looking for in your partner. That’s all.
The system will automatically match your requirement with other’s profile and amazingly you will get your life partner.
Portfolio websites are also fall in this kind of category as you post your pictures with description and target people will find you.

8. Online community Websites

To connect with the people from same community is very easy now. You can create an online web portal and ask all the people related to your community to post their information on website. In this way, your circle will develop with particular community. You can also share their culture, folks and other rituals on website to attract them.

9. Regional websites

Today internet contains vast knowledge or we can say endless store of knowledge about everything. Suppose you region or area is very small and you want to highlight it on internet, you can create your regional website. You can share the information regarding that region on website. Like important contacts, famous shops, VIP persons, upcoming events in your area &latest news about your area on the website. Also you can invite other persons to share their information related to region on your portal.

10. Organizational websites

Schools, Hospitals, Banks, Police, Army all the government and non-government organization need a platform where they can share their information to help common people. They can apply high-based security to their websites so nobody can misuse their authorized data in any way.